Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy nondenominational monotreme rabbit day!

So instead of studying for the weekly cell bio quiz I've got tomorrow OR writing my miniessay on vesicle transport in the Golgi apparatus (variety is the spice of life, guys), I started a blog!  Whew.  Academic responsibility is clearly a strong suit of mine.  And by academic responsibility, I mean hello I can spell I am literate gold star for Sophie.

Here are some things that are cool!  Mostly I just wanted to punt this out before Easter was over so I could plaster bunnies all over it because bunnies.

Note the DELIBERATE placement of circles fusing with outer border - basically analogous to secretory vesicles from the Golgi complex fusing with the plasma membrane to release glycoproteins, okay, I AM DOING SCIENCE hello professors

Anyway, here are the things you probably care about more:
1. Jotunheimen by gnarf-gnarf on flickr
2. Watch by La Mer, wrist by yours truly
3. Project White T-Shirt entry by Iris Loeffler
4. Ombre tights from BZRshop
5. Neon knit on Miroslava Duma, photo by Karen of WDUGT
6. Zara printed bomber jacket
sourceless credit orphan bunnies courtesy of tumblr, hipster bunny, bunny pin

Now expect a dramatic drop off in blogging quality because jesus christ am I easily distracted.
Here are sum pixelz of what I wore today, since that's part of the package and I love me.  Easter cliche pastels for daaayyyyzzzz.
 (monotremes are egg-laying mammals do you get the joke HAHA)

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