Tuesday, April 17, 2012

good winter indeed

(bon iver -> bon hiver -> good winter)
Because I'm the kind of person that waits until the day before a midterm to go to concerts, I saw Bon Iver last night!  Originally, I was going to take my brother (inaugural live show/super early birthday present), but he got inconveniently grounded the day of (............only little brothers amirite), so I went with my roommate from last year.  Got pit wristbands, stood some fifteen feet away from Justin Vernon, got lost afterward trying to find the car around some shady streets/a courthouse courtyard/dilapidated houses, AM STILL ALIVE DON'T WORRY.

Okay, PIX:

I got really unfathomably outhipstered at the venue, but here's what I threw on for the occasion:

 shirt: uo mens * shorts: h&m * belt: thrifted * tights: uo * shoes: thrifted * scarf (hanging on a pushpin): thrifted * bon iver screenprinted poster: SECOND TO LAST ONE AT THE SHOW HEYO however I will still kill for that Kevin Tong Bon Iver poster that sold out two people before me at the last show KEVIN TONG CAN YOU HEAR ME I will hunt you down and cry on your sketches/elbow until you print me one

Close up of that killer belt - entirely metal, mostly metal mesh with rings of something metallic and solid spaced out around it - think chainmail snake.  


Hugs and infinite snax,


Thursday, April 12, 2012

fiercely kickin the bejeesus out of your eyeballs

 Sui He, "Dancing in the Soul" Editorial, Vogue China May 2012

That's some serious flames flames on the side of my face modeling going on.  No pussyfooting around here.  If you want to pussy some foot (oh my god that is awful) go hang out with a lesser lady (not pointing any fingers because actually all the ladies are great).  But do that later.  Stay here and admire for a while first.

That first picture reminds of the things that happen when you tell my friends and I to "now do a silly picture!" except the editorial has fewer naked oily men.  I'm all about the naked oily men.

All of my friends are naked oily men.

I am a naked oily man.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

pants, be on my butt

good pants look at 'em:

1) Pants you could afford if you remembered to log all your work hours SOPHIE
   a) Zara Tie Dye Front Pleat Trousers
   b) ASOS Ombre Pants
   c) River Island Heart Print Skinny Jean
   d) Topshop Moto Stripe Skinnies
   e) Topshop Moto Ombre Skinnies
   f) Cheap Monday Stripe Skinnies
2) Pants you can't afford
   a) ASOS Chevron Track Pants
   b) [blanknyc®] Printed Denim Jeans
   c) Madewell Salt and Pepper Slouch Pants
   d) Wasteland Something Else Dotty Capri Pants
3) Pants you can't even try to afford
   a)/b) Balmain A/W 2012/2013
   c)/d) Alice and Olivia A/W 2012/2013
4) Pants how is it legal to make pants this expensive
   a) Current/Elliott Stiletto Skinny in Polka Dot
   b) Rag & Bone Denim Leggings
   c) Chimala Denim Painter Pants
5) Pants did you actually make them entirely out of crushed alpaca nostril hairs and the drool of Suri Cruise because otherwise the price is just gratuitous okay
   a) Gucci Satin Side Band Pants

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy nondenominational monotreme rabbit day!

So instead of studying for the weekly cell bio quiz I've got tomorrow OR writing my miniessay on vesicle transport in the Golgi apparatus (variety is the spice of life, guys), I started a blog!  Whew.  Academic responsibility is clearly a strong suit of mine.  And by academic responsibility, I mean hello I can spell I am literate gold star for Sophie.

Here are some things that are cool!  Mostly I just wanted to punt this out before Easter was over so I could plaster bunnies all over it because bunnies.

Note the DELIBERATE placement of circles fusing with outer border - basically analogous to secretory vesicles from the Golgi complex fusing with the plasma membrane to release glycoproteins, okay, I AM DOING SCIENCE hello professors

Anyway, here are the things you probably care about more:
1. Jotunheimen by gnarf-gnarf on flickr
2. Watch by La Mer, wrist by yours truly
3. Project White T-Shirt entry by Iris Loeffler
4. Ombre tights from BZRshop
5. Neon knit on Miroslava Duma, photo by Karen of WDUGT
6. Zara printed bomber jacket
sourceless credit orphan bunnies courtesy of tumblr, hipster bunny, bunny pin

Now expect a dramatic drop off in blogging quality because jesus christ am I easily distracted.
Here are sum pixelz of what I wore today, since that's part of the package and I love me.  Easter cliche pastels for daaayyyyzzzz.
 (monotremes are egg-laying mammals do you get the joke HAHA)