Tuesday, April 17, 2012

good winter indeed

(bon iver -> bon hiver -> good winter)
Because I'm the kind of person that waits until the day before a midterm to go to concerts, I saw Bon Iver last night!  Originally, I was going to take my brother (inaugural live show/super early birthday present), but he got inconveniently grounded the day of (............only little brothers amirite), so I went with my roommate from last year.  Got pit wristbands, stood some fifteen feet away from Justin Vernon, got lost afterward trying to find the car around some shady streets/a courthouse courtyard/dilapidated houses, AM STILL ALIVE DON'T WORRY.

Okay, PIX:

I got really unfathomably outhipstered at the venue, but here's what I threw on for the occasion:

 shirt: uo mens * shorts: h&m * belt: thrifted * tights: uo * shoes: thrifted * scarf (hanging on a pushpin): thrifted * bon iver screenprinted poster: SECOND TO LAST ONE AT THE SHOW HEYO however I will still kill for that Kevin Tong Bon Iver poster that sold out two people before me at the last show KEVIN TONG CAN YOU HEAR ME I will hunt you down and cry on your sketches/elbow until you print me one

Close up of that killer belt - entirely metal, mostly metal mesh with rings of something metallic and solid spaced out around it - think chainmail snake.  


Hugs and infinite snax,



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