Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is this blasphemous? Am I going to Lakers fan hell? Is it just going to be reruns of '08 finals all. the. time?

Lakers fan for life here, but oh god do I hate the Miami Heat.  So a Celtics themed post today, because please put down these overgrown bully puppies please?  And by puppies, I mean Lebron.  Uggghhhhh Lebron. 
And, okay, also because I want mint colored things all over my body.  Mmmmm.

I've wanted these shoes from T & F Slack Shoemakers London (via Farfetch & by proxy, American Rag) for weeks?  Months?  I've only wanted to lick them for a couple of days though.  Which is worrying.  (The licking, not the late onset.)
Also, it's only two shoes, a left and a right, presumably, not actually four right shoes.  That would be terrible product design.

I'm way more into this backpack than this backpack is into me, which is just going to lead to heartbreak and buying lots of other backpacks and then taking shitty cellphone photos with those backpacks that get posted publicly onto Facebook and then I'll get fired from my job for indecent interwebs exposure and then there'll be the ill-advised makeup backpack sex.........too far?

Now look at me!

Guest starring abandoned chandelier :'( 1 tear for the chandelier
(+ some more for the awful rhyme)

tank & shorts: H&M, belt/loafers/sweater duster thing: thrifted, watch: May 28th

STAND UP STRAIGHT PHOTO SOPHIE.  Secondhand embarrassment...for myself?  I thought that was just inherently impossible, but apparently not if you try hard enough!

Look at that ratty belt!  Hipster cred - at least two things in my outfit are breathing their last breaths/on their last legs/dougie-ing to their deaths.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I don't hate the Celtics enough for a Lakers fan as actually emotionally invested in the Lakers as I am, but whatever.  LAL 4 LYF.  Rondo can come too.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

TRIPLE/DOUBLE NO ASSISTS (no points or rebounds either tho)


It’s too hot to wear a bra, much less make any extended attempt at physical movement, so this is not so much an inspiration post as a 'great things look at 'em instead of moving!' post, while I watch the Lakers game.
3 doublets of interesting combos - an outfit and an accessory. 
Can't find the image source or the model credit for the outfit pic, via tumblr / Botkier bag, via Modcloth

Unholy union of lakers paraphernalia, via yup me / Lakers hat, via strictlyfitteds
Wish the purple and gold luck, and don't tell me the score for tonight's game yet - my dad and I are watching it right now, DVR'd, so we can skip commercials (~*~savvy~*~ sports fans).
Peace and infinite snax,